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2013 Taste of FreeMore Donut Eating Contest

2013 Taste of FreeMore Donut Eating Contest

Future FreeMore West business, Dunkin’ Donuts, will sponsor the 2013 Taste of FreeMore Donut Eating Contest set to take place at the second annual Taste of FreeMore on Saturday, October 5th 2013.

The 2013 Taste of FreeMore Donut Eating Contest will welcome the most bona fide competitive eaters to battle for a chance to win a $250 cash prize.

Registration: All applicants must provide a video entry via YouTube, Instagram, Vine or Vimeo expressing any food-related credentials and why you wish to take part in the 2013 Taste of FreeMore Donut Eating Contest, sponsored by Dunkin’ Donuts. All video applications must be directly posted to our Facebook wall or tagged @FreeMoreWest on Twitter with #tasteoffreemore as a hashtag. There will be a maximum of 9 participants selected.


1.  All applicants for the 2013 Taste of FreeMore Donut Eating Contest must be at least 18 years of age.

2.  The competition will last for 2 minutes with a 24-donut limit!

3.  The person who eats the most donuts within 2 minutes, or eats 24 donuts the fastest, will win the BIG PRIZE!

4.  Competitors will start with hands off of the table.

5.  At the countdown of 3-2-1 GO! The competitors may begin eating.

6.  Competitors are allowed to dunk donuts in liquid (some contests do not allow this).

7.  If you vomit, you will be disqualified and must clean up after yourself!

8.  At the end of the 2 minutes, competitors will have 15 seconds to swallow any remaining food in their mouths.

9.  If a tie occurs, a secret tie-breaker will take place.


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