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Westside (HI)story - Exploring Camp Greene Memorial Day History Tour

Westside (HI)story - Exploring Camp Greene Memorial Day History Tour

Camp Greene was built in the summer of 1917 during WWI, after Charlotte was chosen as the location for a new camp for the US Army. Named in honor of Revolutionary War General Nathanael Greene, the camp occupied 2,500 acres, had 2,000 buildings and more than 25 miles of roads.

Merely six weeks after construction of the camp began, the first troops began to arrive. Most of the men came from New England and western states, providing a melting pot of nationalities, including some immigrants who barely spoke English. Troops trained in trench warfare, remaining at the camp for a total of 30-90 days.  More than 5 miles of trenches were dug to simulate the battlefields in France.

To aid in relations between army camps and nearby cities, such as Camp Greene and Charlotte, the US Government established the Fosdick Commission. In Charlotte, members of the commission found space for visiting family members and provided a variety of entertainment including: socials, band concerts, community sings and organized churches to accommodate the extra men. Camp Greene aided the war effort by training troops and helped Charlotte’s growth as a major southern city when many returned to marry and settle down after the war ended.


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